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River City Hobbies is not just a comic book shop. It is the best location in La Crosse for fans of tabletop gaming, movies, television shows, video games, and of course, comic books! 

It is our mission to bring to our community the very finest in all things nerdy. We are all passionate about the history this store represents, and intend do our best to serve our customers, both old and new. We hope that you will stop by and make River City Hobbies your Friendly Local Hobby Store.

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Saturday, May 20th

Here's what's happening!

  • 11am-4pm: Pokémon League!  Weekly tournament at 12:30pm!  Entry: $6, two prize packs into the prize pool per participant.  Each Junior and Senior goes home with at least one pack.  
  • 11am-9pm: Pathfinder Society!  Bring some dice and a character sheet, and see if you can survive a day of adventuring!
  • 4pm-9pm: MTG: Amonkhet Game Day!  Bring your best new Standard deck and join us for Game Day!  This is a FREE event!  The top players will earn a promo card, with first place winning a playmat!
  • 4pm-9pm: Wargaming! Bring your favorite wargame and a friend, and make use of the wargaming dojo!  Terrain and mats are on hand!
  • 5pm-9pm: Weekly Local Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament! Entry: $6!  Prize Support: 1 OTS pack and 1 regular booster pack entered into the prize pool per participant! Each participant receives 1 OTS pack.
  • 6pm-9pm: MTG Commander!  Bring a commander deck and a buddy, and have some fun!
    • MTG: Standard Showdown: Bring a standard deck and battle to win a Standard Showdown pack!  This is a FREE event!
Earlier Event: May 19
Friday, May 19th
Later Event: May 23
Tuesday, May 23rd