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425 Main St
La Crosse, WI, 54601
United States

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River City Hobbies is not just a comic book shop. It is the best location in La Crosse for fans of tabletop gaming, movies, television shows, video games, and of course, comic books! 

It is our mission to bring to our community the very finest in all things nerdy. We are all passionate about the history this store represents, and intend do our best to serve our customers, both old and new. We hope that you will stop by and make River City Hobbies your Friendly Local Hobby Store.

Bits & Mortar Program

"Bits and Mortar is a pro-retailer, pro-brick-and-mortar, pro-PDF, pro-ebook initiative backed by several tabletop game and fiction publishers."


River City Hobbies is a proud participant in the Bits and Mortar program, which is a neat iniative put forth by some great RPG publishers!  The way it works is really simple: you buy a RPG book published by a participating company from us and we send you  a copy of the PDF of that book.  For free.  It's really that simple!

Here's a list of the participating publishers: